Meet our 2019 Coaches!

Grade 7/8

Amanda Hultz

Amanda Hultz

I have been playing lacrosse for 12 years, predominately as an attacker. I played for Snohomish lacrosse throughout youth and high school, playing on varsity in high school all 4 years and a team captain my junior and senior year. I was on the WA regional U19 team traveling to Stoney Brooke one year and an alternate another year. I continued playing lacrosse in college at Western Washington University, which is a self coached club team. I was a member of leadership for the Western lacrosse team for 3 years and was team President my senior year. I was voted by my fellow teammates into being one of the team coach/captain my junior and senior year. I was also voted by the NWWLL players as the league Attack MVP two years. After graduating from Western, I plan to join the Breakaway women's team. I have coached for North Cascades Lacrosse during the summer for the past 3 years and coached at the 253 Lacrosse Camp for 2 years. I enjoy coaching youth in lacrosse and I embrace providing life lessons to our youth, helping them grow and improve as players and especially as individuals. I have strong values in good sportsmanship, teamwork, and emphasize on full effort. I am extremely excited to be a coach for the 7/8 Doublecrosse team and am looking forward to a great season!

Chelsea Hultz

I began playing lacrosse in 2004 as a sixth grader for Snohomish Lacrosse, which is where I continued playing through high school. I played on varsity sophomore through senior year, and was Team Captain junior and senior years. I was a youth lacrosse umpire for two and a half years in high school. In college, I played Division I club lacrosse at Western Washington University, which is a player coached and managed team. I joined team leadership my sophomore year, and was Team President my junior and senior years. I was Team Coach/Captain my senior year after being voted into the position by my teammates. I have been coaching for North Cascades Lacrosse in the off-season since 2014. Since graduating from Western in 2015, I've been playing post-collegiate lacrosse with Breakaway. My focuses as a coach are sportsmanship, full-effort, and improvement. I am excited to join the Doublecrosse program and look forward to a great season!

With Assistant Parent Coaches: Andrew Bagley & Greg Williams

Grade 5/6